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Why choose a #NeoCosmo Home?

41 Cosmo, Tathawade

Because YOU are NeoCosmo
YOU are independent and opinionated. YOU are a free spirit, a force to be reckoned with. YOU have your unique identity and you deserve the best. Let go of the old, imbibe the new, and be the change. Be new, be NeoCosmo. For YOU, by Krisala Developers, a home that fits your NeoCosmo lifestyle – 41 Cosmo.
41 Cosmo, Tathawade

41 Cosmo, Tathawade

Because You want to Add to Your Life!
All of us crave a space of our own. Our personal nook. A special place to laze around, create, and just be. 41 Cosmo gets you this special place for you special Neo Cosmopolitans. Turn it into your art retreat, use it as your reading or study room, transform it to your Puja Ghar and welcome positive vibes, or convert it to your workout den or a meditation zone – There are countless things you can do with this special place of yours. Add 0.25 to your life and make the most of it. Experience the magic of 0.25  
41 Cosmo, Tathawade

41 Cosmo, Tathawade

Because Tathawade is strategically Located
The perfect location for your dream home is located strategically in proximity to places known for their immense activity and hustle-bustle, such as the Mumbai-Pune Expressway, the IT hub in Hinjawadi, and the Talwade Industrial area as well. Tathawade is also home to some of the best schools, colleges and amenities. With all kinds of places in your neighborhood that are essential, you’ll definitely love living in Tathawade.
Because You won’t Compromise
Krisala introduces NeoCosmo homes for the NeoCosmo you. Whether it is making unconventional choices with a strong sense of self or being a fearless force to be reckoned with, you all are NeoCosmo individuals. You are idealists who hold dreams close and course through the tides of life with grit and mettle. We celebrate the true nature of NeoCosmo and our property 41 Cosmo is the essence of it. Make the choice that suits your lifestyle by choosing 41 Cosmo.

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